Apprenticeships - England, Wales and Northern Ireland

Apprenticeships involve a partnership between the apprentice, employer and training provider.


  • Are available to learners of all ages
  • Available at levels 2 and 3 and 4 in Agriculture, Horticulture and Equine in Wales
  • Take between 1 – 3 years to complete, depending upon the industry and the level
  • Can be supported with public funding.

Apprenticeship - England and Wales Provider information

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Payment for Certification - England and Wales

FEDERATION FOR INDUSTRY SECTOR SKILLS AND STANDARDS (FISSS) - the designated Certifying Authority for Apprenticeships in England and Wales.  To manage this process, the Federation developed a bespoke, online system, known as Apprenticeship Certificates England (ACE) and Apprenticeship Certificates Wales (ACW). Through this system the Federation delegates responsibility to individual Certification Bodies (Sector Skills Councils and Standard Setting Bodies). 

ACE and ACW is a web-based system designed to enable access to training providers, employers and apprentices to request Apprenticeship completion certificates.  The Federation has developed a centralised payment system for all Apprenticeship completion certifications processed on the systems.

There are two options for paying through the payment system, either:

1. Pre-pay - This option will allow you to bulk buy credits1 for certificates that will be added to a balance on the systems, and deducted when certificates are processed.

2. One off payment (pay at submission) – This option will allow you to use a credit/debit card to pay for the certificate when you submit the Apprenticeship certification claim for approval.

The following Guidance from FISSS explains how payment can be made - Certificates remain at £22 each.

Consent Form - England

The Apprenticeships, Skills and Learning Act 2009 requires that Apprentices must apply for their Apprenticeship Consent Form, however, where this is facilitated by a third party, there must be evidence that this is being done at the specific request of the Apprentice.

The signing of this consent form by an Apprentice provides the required evidence of their acknowledgment and declaration that they have undertaken and completed an Apprenticeship and that they authorise a named third party organisation to claim their Apprenticeship Consent Form.

The Apprentices signature must be dated on or after the last date in learning and the last date in learning on the form must be the same as that inputted on ACE at the Basic information tab.

The Apprentice name must be in block capitals and must contain full name and surname. This should exactly match the name entered on ACE. Please check that names are spelt correctly and in the relevant field, forename and surname. Lantra is not able to amend this for you.

All blank spaces on the form should be completed, please do not leave any gaps.

Download an Apprentice Consent Form.

Apprenticeship Consent Form - Wales

Apprenticeship Consent Form must be signed by the training provider.

Download an Apprenticeship Consent Form.

All the information you need to know about certification details, time limits and acceptable evidence can be found below.

Certification, Re-prints and Proxies

Learners Name

If a Learner has changed their name for whatever reason, but their certificates are in their previous name, then you must provide official evidence that proves they are the same person e.g. Deed Poll change of name approval. Please also check general errors on certificates, as this causes delays in processing applications.

Valid Certificates

Please make sure all certificates:

  • Have a signature on to validate them
  • Are clearly copied so that the backing and logos etc are clear and legible
  • Are in date at the completion date of the Apprenticeship.

Completion Date

Please make sure certification is not requested until all certificated evidence, which is required for the framework, has been received or can be evidenced.

Transferring from One Framework to Another

We will not allow learners to transfer to later frameworks.

Re-prints of Certificates

We are happy to supply replacement certificates free of charge when the mistake is ours. But, if the mistake is due to incorrect information supplied on the certification request form/s, loss or damage, there will be a £7.50 charge. Download the certificate reprint form and BACs payment form below.

Acceptable Evidence

There is now an acceptable evidence guidance available from FISSS. You can search alphabetically to see which evidence is acceptable with the online tool.

Functional Skills

Functional Skills came into effect from 1st September 2010. 

If you do not have Functional Skills there are other qualifications that can be used their place. Please see FISSS website.

Specification for Apprenticeship Standards in England (SASE) and Wales (SASW)

The SASE and SASW is the criteria that all Apprenticeship frameworks have to meet so they can attract government funding. All Apprenticeship frameworks will need to comply with SASE/SASW.

Guidance from FISSS

The ACE home page contains links to various guidance documents under either the Acceptable Evidence Tab or the Knowledge Tab, such as ACE transferable skills August 2017 NEW, ACE user manual, Bulk upload manual, Acceptable Evidence Guidance etc.

Employee Rights and Responsibilities Workbooks (ERR)

We have designed workbooks to help you when starting an Apprenticeship. They help you understand issues such as your contract of employment, legislation related to your work such as health and safety and employment legislation that you and your employer should follow.

Download the ERR Workbook for your Framework.

Additional Employer Requirements

Although Additional Employer Requirements are no longer mandatory within SASE frameworks they are recommended. If you wish to upload evidence of these to ACE please use the Additional Documents tab within the certification evidence section.

Personal Learning and Thinking Skills (England only)

Awarding Organisations have designed records of achievement to help you throughout your Apprenticeship. They help you understand Personal Learning and Thinking Skills (PLTS) such as team working and self-management.

Download the PLTS for your industry

Total Guided Learning Hours

For total guided learning hours (GLH) and a breakdown of on and off the job GLH, please refer to the relevant framework.


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